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6 Responses to “About”

  1. Tom O'Leary Says:

    Doc, do you know of anyone that was at FSB Buell on Aug 22, 1968 my brother Paul O’Leary A/3/22 was at Cu Chi processing in when they needed boots on the ground because Buell and Nui Ba den were hit Aug18-22. I was told by Les Knott who was Lt in D/3/22 that he thinks Paul was KIA in a bunker that was near the raod that ran through Buell. please let me know.
    Thanks Tom O’Leary

    • Tom,

      I am sorry to hear of the death of your brother Paul. I don’t know who you can contact to find out more about your brother’s death, other than Lt. Les Knott, who appears to be your best source.

      Ivan Katzenmeier

  2. Tom o'Leary Says:

    I though you might know someone that was there because it sounds like you at Buell the following day, if u could reach out to your contacts I would appreciate.it.

  3. I am looking for a medic that helped a friend of mine. My friend’s name is Dixon Montgomery. He was hit by a grenade in Vietnam on September 14, 1970 in the hiep duck valley in Vietnam. The medic would have been in A troop, 1st squadron 1st calvary. Dixon desperately wants to thank him for saving his life on that day. Is this a good place to start that search?

    • Brenda,

      The Hiep Duc Valley in Vietnam is far north of the area in which my unit fought. My audience would have no knowledge of the American military units, their personnel or battles in the Hiep Duc Valley during 14 September 1970.

      I see you have also contacted facebook.com/1st-Squadron-1st-Cavalry-Regiment with your request.

      Their audience is more likely to have someone who might recall the medic for whom you are searching.

      Dixon’s medic would have been assigned to their HHC (Headquarters, Headquarters Company) and attached to A troop, 1st squadron 1st Cavalry.

      Best wishes,


      • Brenda McGarvey Says:

        I can’t begin to thank you enough for your help!!! His brothers in arms from the 1st squadron 1st Calvary regimen Facebook page got the name for me in less than 24 hrs!!! I am calling him tomorrow to try to connect them. I am so happy. This guy has the most amazing attitude even though he lost part of his face and eyesight in this bombing. Thank you so much!!!!

        Sent from my iPhone

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